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Eternal Dream

Life is constructed of the aspirations that stem from the dreams of humans. Embrace those dreams and just have fun in a forum as peaceful as slumber.

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Sepax User's Forum

That forum is open to all users of the Biosafe products. It'a place to share your experience with the Sepax system, to exchange, critics and ideas.

#sepax, #cell, #processing, #biosafe, #stem, #cells

My Research News Forum

Discuss with your peers what is important in your area of research right now.

#research, #news, #science, #stem, #cells, #immunology, #pharmacology, #real, #time, #real-time

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$5 XC/ AM stem - VINTAGE Race Face Evolve XC 90mm

This came stock on my 2006 Giant Reign, but I'm running a 60mm Hope stem on there currently. Here it is new & a review of

Steering head stem Cruiser 75

Hello, Has anyone got a complete (stem, spacers, nuts etc.) steering head assembly for Cruiser 75? I've got a set of new cups + cones, but mine has been assembled with what looks like a later stem that has the big domed nut on top + has lots of

Valve Stem Seals?

So, my problem is that when the car is idling for long periods (for instance in the red light) and then take off I have a "cloud" of blue smoke in the tailpipe and my first guess are the valve seals and from what I have read about these engines (L67 serie

Removing steering stem top bolt K100 RS

Hello, this feels like a dumb question but: does the hexagonal top bolt as shown in the picture below undo? Thanks! If so, what's the best way to undo it? I really had a struggle a while ago.

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