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Rod and Reel Clearance

I have gone Through our inventory . I am blowing out all the RODS AND REELS we have not sold in a year !!!!! Spinning Reels Shimano SP6000FB $99.99 msrp $129.99 Shimano SP8000FB $109.99 msrp $139.99 Shimano SOC4000f $50.00 msrp

JOE DIMAGGIO 1948 Leaf Gum Co. #1 Graded SGC 80 EX / NM 6

$2,495 delivered, including insurance and delivery confirmation.

Acknowledging stellar customer service...

I am currently going over every nut bolt & screw I can get to on the Teryx. I realized that I had lost the rubber line stopper and the hand saver strap on my winch line. Also I had damaged the hook and winch switch. I sent Todd at hunterworks an email

My Best Friend, Dick

For many decades, my best friend in life (aside from Mrs. Sam) has been a gentleman named Dick Flavin. For many years, his political satire and commentary were staples on Boston's WBZ-TV and also on NBC and (later) CNN. Among other things, he possesses

1940 DiMaggio SGC AUTH

graded AUTH due to trim along the side. Great looking card and an affordable way to add a classic DiMaggio card to your collection. $275 shipped Jay

Help with 1941 Play Ball Dimaggio

I have a guy trying to sell me a 1941 Play Ball Dimaggio. Any help would be appreciated to half way authenticate the card. The usual bought them at an estate sale, no guarantee. Guys says he is willing to sell reasonable cuz he collects tobacco cards

Halper auction catalogue

Just got this in the mail the other day. I know that many of the jerseys and some of the game used stuff has been proven to be fake or not as claimed. Is there some place that has a list of everything that has been proven not to be legit? The catalogues I

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