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Stardust Buster vs Battle fader

When S. Buster attacks and I sp.summon battle fader ,can my opponent negate the effect too?

Stardust Evolution

30 Monsters Cards:1x Luster Dragon3 x Sonic Chick3x Stardust Xiaolong2x Elemental Hero Neos Alius3x The Tricky1x Majestic Dragon3x Dark Bug1x Effect Veiler1x Malefic Stardust Dragon2x Cyber Dragon1x Trust Guardian1x Honest1x Junk

stardust dragon and return from diffrent dimension

if i return stardust with diffrent dimension from my rfg deck is it possible to negate i honestly don think so tho but some other ppl was telling me diffrent

Yubelneos room

Welcome to my bedroom. I can use any deck. I dont have preferences about that although i like some of them.Anybody who wants a duel against me can challenge me. I usually answer quickly..

Stardust Dragon ruling question.

If i have macro cosmos activated on the field and negate mirror force with stardust dragon; will he come back from banished?

Accel synchro: black rose and stardust

Scenario 1: Player A controls a magic android, formulae synchron and caius. Player B summons dark arm and declares piority to destroy android.Player A accel synchro formulae with caius to stardust dragon and tries to negate dark arm's effect.

Stardust vs Zenmaines.

Let's say Zenmaines activates its effect to detach 1 mat and blah blah...Will Stardust negate in the End Phase and destroy Zenmaines and Zenmaines detach the last mat? If it's something that's different, please tell me. Thanks first.

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