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Pink Ribbons & Blue Hats. Dé nederlandse fansite van Hey Arnold!

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Luminous Duel Academy

Free forum : . . .

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Stardust vs Solemn

Here's the scenario:My opponents field - Stadust Dragon, Formula SynchronMy field - Face Down Solemn Judgement__________________________________________When he summoned Formula Synchron, I solemn judgement so can he negate it withStadust

Stardust Dragon Assault Mode Vs Continuous effects

Wondering if Stardust Dragon Assault Mode is able to negate continuous effects.Example:Stardust Dragon Assault Mode is on the field, and I summon Destiny HERO Plazma, which would negate the effect of Stardust Dragon Assault Mode. But can Stardust

Stardust vs. DDV/EEV

Can Stardust Dragon negate Deck Devastation Virus/Eradicator Epidemic Virus? Not sure because it's not sure if there's a destruction effect.

Question about stardust assault mode

CAN Stardust dragon assault mode negate the effect of monsters that activated from hand like effect of honest "from hand" and battle faderthanks at all

Stardust Assault Mode Deck Help

This deck is for real life, i'm actually planning on running this at regionals this weekend.Traps: (11)1x Call of the Haunted1x Draining Shield1x Ordeal of a Traveler1x Threatening Roar2x Bottomless2x Starlight Road3x Assault Mode

Stardust Evolution

30 Monsters Cards:1x Luster Dragon3 x Sonic Chick3x Stardust Xiaolong2x Elemental Hero Neos Alius3x The Tricky1x Majestic Dragon3x Dark Bug1x Effect Veiler1x Malefic Stardust Dragon2x Cyber Dragon1x Trust Guardian1x Honest1x Junk

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