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Best place to get StarBlend powders?

Can anyone tell me where the best place is to get StarBlend powders? I've looked at SF but the $9 shipping for 3-2oz pots is a bit say the least. I want to try them out and I almost jumped on the 3/$22 deal at SF, but the shipping stopped me

Starblend Snake Mask

So I got my green and blue Starblends and decided to try the Mark Reid Snake Mask that is so popular at the Texas State Fair. I LOVE it! I did one that was more traditional where I tried the eyes. I even used yellow Starblends for that but my black was to

Starblend ideas!

I just got my Starblends in, First time i'm ever using it and i love it. My son likes how it feels, so much lighter on the face in the heat. I received white,black,red and pink My question is do any of you have any nice designs that use starblends?

Selling on Aquarist Classifieds

Just wondering if anyone has much luck selling their common browns on AC? There's always babies on there - but do people buy them?

Using starblend mehron powders

what are they primarily used for? Would you consider using them instead of paints?

Chesterfield Aquarist Society New Website new website now up and running ... even if your not local and want another good forum then heres the place ..... im nuts on bristlenose so theres an added bonus lol .... let me know what you all think and

Starblend Essentials?

What are the essentials for a good starblend kit? I have Black, red and white but I am wanting to expand... Denise Col? Where are you hiding?

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