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George Clooney's Open House

George Clooney fansite updated daily with all the latest Clooney news, videos, pictures and gossip

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Free forum : [OBD] Forum

Free forum : OBD Guild Wars Stan Zhao. Free forum : [OBD] Forum

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Stan Lee said what?

So, I'm reading this interview with Stan

OT: Does Stan Lee sign TTM?

I have a buddy who is really into comics and for a future gift I would love to get him a signed comic by Stan Lee. I know he does the Comic Con tours... but I hear he is so rushed at those conventions he doesn't really do any personalizations. Anyon

Stan Lee auto finally came in!!!!!!

Well i went to Wizard Con New Orleans and got Stan Lee to sign my Amazing Spiderman Comic #63. I then gave it to CGC to grade the book and incase it in the CGC Signature Series. Well I just got it today after waiting 5 mounths. It was only supost to be

Stan Rosenfield

A thread for Stan? Ah, why the heck not? Not sure if he qualifies as friend, family or possibly pet loyal employee, Mr Rosenfield is George's publicist and has been for many years. From American Journalism Review October 1999 Stan

Just Imagine Stan Lee Superman!

So i was wondering did any one ever check out the Stan lee Just imagine Superman/other titles lee did for DC a few yrs ago?: Wikipedia Bio: SupermanLee's version of Superman, real name Salden, debuted

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