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Staffordshire Bull Terrier Chat Forum & Info

A place for Staffordshire bull terrrier owners, breeders, trainers, admirers, ect. to come and socialize. We are a family friendly site, so everyone is welcomed to come and learn as well as just have fun!

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Staffordshire Bull Terrier Chat and Learn Forum

Staffiezone Supporting & Fundraising for Staffordshire Bull Terriers in Rescue on a Fun Forum to chat, learn or advise

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Yorkies @ Many Tears Rescue

There are several Yorkies at Many Tears Rescue......................simply gorgeous and badly in need of a Forever Home...........Take a look Please follow this link

New Syberian Husky and a Toy Yorkie

So, I currently have a female toy yorkie that is a little over one year old, very playful and loving. I am about to have a 6 week old syberian husky, who I am planning on raising and keeping forever which is also a female. I specifically looked for one

2 Yorkies in RSPCA grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr These look so sweet, have sent email asking for them can but try as they will be better here than there.

yorkies in sheffield rspca

there is 4 yorkies in sheffield rspca looks like they were part of a crulety case they are asking for people to fill in pre adoption assesments, very cute looking furbabys

2 older yorkies needing home

i have just been told about this web site off Rotherham dogs care centre as i am looking to adopt an older yorkie....but one that is able to live in a home with another dog as we already have little 9 year old mitch. I feel really sorry for one of them sh

Urgent foster placement needed for two yorkies- Birmingham - BL2 0JD

Hi All We are in desperate need for a foster placement for two yorkies that are in the Birmingham area postcode: BL2 0JD. The current owner is prepared to travel in the Midlands area, so the foster placement doe not need to be in Birmingham alone. Th

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