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How important is having a full bladder at the 20 week scan?

How important is having a full bladder at the 20 week scan do you think? I went with a full bladder as advised for my dating scan - but we were kept waiting for about half an hour and I thought I might wet myself Seriously though, it wasn't nice an

Still have heavy bladder infection!

Hey guys, Infection not cleared yet, & i have thrush!! Doc gave me more medication... hopefully it will clear by the end of the week. Doc says that there is blood in my urine, but i'm not in so much pain as last week. That means DH & I can'

A prayer for me please?

Hello ladies I need a prayer please. I have had a bladder infection now for about 3weeks. 3 different antibiotics and citro sodas the works. I am being referred to a Urologist. Waiting for the appointment. My urine was also sent away, awaiting

Blatter & Blatter in Montreal

In a recent trip to Montreal I stopped by the Blatter & Blatter shop on Kennedy street. This is a must stop for any pipe smoker, they sell some great in house blends ( love their Danish mixture) and of course their own handmade pipes.Lots of history i

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