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Spk squad

killing spree

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Killer Forum

A forum dedicated to everything true crime, without judgments.

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I've been on an art spree

warning blood:  yess i'm pretty proud of it!! please feel free to critique. i know it's kinda sloppy but i intended it to be that way!!! that's about it really. uwu

TOTS Suarez + TOTS Van Persie or TOTS Balotelli + TOTS Di Natale?

I have played with SIF Di Natale and IF Balotelli and they were godly together! But I have heard that TOTS Suarez and TOTS Van Persie should be godly together... So which of these pairs should I play with? They both look amazing and I can afford them

The Latest on Van Persie

"As usual my news source is from Spain. Both Marca and Deportes are saying that Van Persie has said that he is to leave the Arsenal training camp in Germany “ahora” (right now).M.E.N. also seem to have picked up on this as they claim he may be in

Ibrahimovic vs Van Persie

Who would you say is better? Ignore age and other irrelevant factors for now, just if you could have one of them playing for you (real life, not UT or anything fifa related) which one would you rather have? If i knew how i would do a poll thing, but i

Van Persie Cocky Fail

Hey people. My mate has a channel which he just uploaded a fail by Van Persie going for a backheal against Liverpool. If only he had scored... [youtube][/youtube] Thanks He put an ad for my channel in

Download Spree

Lately, I've been really wanting to make my sim's homes more life like, I mean I have to stare at them the whole time I'm playing so I might as well make them awesome. Today I went on a HUGE, and I mean it when I say huge, "shopping" spree. I really

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