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The new poll for our Forum name

I liked the original Bubble Bath title... & can't seem to decide for just one of those above...'Happy Silly Place: The HSP Dimension' would maybe be my favourite combination of all those listed above...But I'm not sure if the forums will be just

[forum affiliation] A forum dedicated to Inoue Mao-chan

ORIGINAL POST FROM: celkihi minna-san, with the permission of our admin, im here to advertise this:Quote :Mao Inoue Forum is an English language forum dedicated to Inoue Mao. Our forum has discussion about Mao's dramas, films, other works,

HPBD Forum Changes&Updates (10/04/13 Update)

HPBD Forum Changes&UpdatesHello HPBD Community Members!  There are some changes that will be happening within this next month to the website to help improve everything. I realize everything has been kind of slow lately for things such as replies t

Combined Forum Archives

Please read all the rules and guidelines.  When finished, you need to reply to this topic.  By doing this, you agree that you will be removed from the staff team if you break two rules and/or guidelines.  If you have not replied to this topic in a month

Čiji su noževi ?

Kolege, prijatelji, cijenjeni forumiti...U zadnjem broju mjesečnika Kalibar na dvije stranice su prezentirani prekrasni noževi jednog meštra iz Srbije. Ovog trena mu se ne mogu sjetit imena, a pošto sam na poslu, ni Kalibar mi nije pri ruci. Zna li netk

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