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Spiritualist National Union banning Eric Hatton's Book

Posted here /t1081-spiritualist-national-union-snu-nec-ban-eric-hattons-book#5716

What is a 'Spiritualist'?

A thought from the 'enmore debacle' As far as I can gather, Spiritualism is one aspect of a Natural Law - that Life is deathless. Therefore everyone could be said to be 'Spiritualists', whether wittingly so or not. Our idea of a Spiritualist is one

Recovering old Spiritualist Magazines

Now here is something I would like to get behind recovering in eform all the early journals and magazines still available. They can then be made available much more widely. Well done Marc

What exactly is a Christian Spiritualist?

While I have no problem with the thought of Christians embracing Spiritualism, or vice a versa, I can't see how it is possible to have a "foot in both places" as it were. How is it possible to reconcile some very fundamental differences

Spiritualist National Union Psychic News Sale to JV Trust?

I noted a post in another area which gave us all a link to the member’s pre AGM papers for this year’s SNU conference. Specific attention was drawn to this section “2.9.2 The liquidator published an advertisement inviting offers from all interested

Rafael Sabatini The Spiritualist

Even well known authors got into the act of decrying faud Actually rather a nice story The Spiritualist (Pearson's Magazine, July 1905) by Rafael Sabatini (1875–1950) The Spiritualist In quest of local colour in that part of France that once was

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