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Superman Film Watchdogs

A place for fans to discuss the future of Superman, and other characters, on the big-screen.

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Doctor Who, Star Wars, Star Trek, Marvel, DC, Gaming, Comic Books, Roleplay, Fan-Fiction, Minecraft - it's all here!

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Venom Movie

Hey guys, remember when we all thought that Sony was ahead of themselves when announcing that there'd be four Spidey movies? We lookie

Symbiote Spiderman

whats the best black suited spiderman link please im looking for this about a month

LF: Toybiz 18" Spiderman

Anyone know where i can get a new in box for a reasonable price or loose figure (without loose joint problems?)Thanks

Amazing Spiderman Beta 2 {update}

ok here my spidey note that this is a beta and doesn't not play too well seeing it's based on kong'sand it's very buggy   also note some animations and stuff are mssing or look bad XD so don't shoot if he's not to your liking   you'll just miss the

Spiderman RPG

[center]In New York City, a new hero is born, the Astonishing Spider-Man! But can Peter juggle his personal life and a superhero career? With supervillains constantly in his way, Peter must battle for his friends and family, as well as the innocent

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