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A place for fans to discuss the future of Superman, and other characters, on the big-screen.

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Marvel Legends and others for sale Updated 7/4/10 with seper

So to fund motuc im needing to sell more parts of my collection, i think i'll end up with 90% Masters and keeping only a small amount of other stuff, too many commitments other than toys nowadays and with the interest rate rise yesterday, it was the

The reason Spiderman isn't going to be in the Avengers

Well at least he's still your friendly neighborhood Spiderman.

LF: Toybiz 18" Spiderman

Anyone know where i can get a new in box for a reasonable price or loose figure (without loose joint problems?)Thanks

Batman or Spiderman?

Both of the movies are coming out the wrong dates ever. (I read online that they are about 2 weeks apart). So I'm curious right now, if you were able to see Batman or Spiderman (the new movies), who would you watch? My dad told me we might watch the Batma

Anybody interested in spiderman the animated series figures from the 90's?

As it says,I have pretty much all of them moc including some of the very rare boxsets, heros revenge, strange transformations, famous couples etcNot looking for heaps price wise for them but would be good to see them all go to somebody who would

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