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STRINGS: Love or Die

Welcome to Strings, the ultimate dating game system brought to you by none other then the infamous game company, Sugar&Spice Inc. We sincerely hope you'll enjoy your stay, and may you find the end of your red string!

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They're not great, my mic is out to get me ^^; Did I mention I don''t know the ropes of mixing at all ^^; いろは唄 歌ってみた SPICE! 歌ってみた [Luna]Give me some feedback please >.>;~Lunatique

Sugar And Spice... And All Things Nice

The snow had turned a brilliant crimson. Like the petals of some murderous rose, spilled across the icy floor. There the body lay, bent and broken. And in more than a few pieces. Or chunks. Chunks was a much more fitting description. Gristle and gor

Let's spice the forum up a bit.

Okay, let's face it, Caneka is right. A lot of the topics lately have been kind of boring.All you ever see is:Topics about giving non members more stuff and how they should be treated equally. Games. Shops.While all of these things are fun

About the Spice Rankings

**About the Ranks**To rank up, you have to post. The more posts you have, the higher your ranking will get.Ranks are split into 3 category's. The first group is the colour rankings, which include Red and Blue spices. The second is the metal rankings,

Which spice and wolf character are you?

Ok, post wh0 you got! I got Holo.

Uplift Spice

Uplift spice was born on 2005 with Chiori (vo. ), Ukey (guit. ), Tobita (bat. ) and Atsushi who is the ex bassist replaced by Kenji. It blended one base of melodic Emo music with the Chiori's voice and her unique lyrics for create a original new sound

『CLOSED』【SPICE!】~Chorus~ Officially Dropped

WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT Smexie song coming through -tssssss- xD Hell yah (2nd chorus hosting) I was inspired by my friends having fun with Spice xD Especially by Skylark's Spice right there ( where... o.o; >O< So Skylark and I will be making a

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