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Final Copy?

Forever Friends proofed and correctedI am trying not to be ignorant here, but it appears that I am not succeeding. So I have a question. Is this the final one? Is this the one that everyone will eventually purchase?Thank you for helping me

Final step in PS refurb

As anticipated, one of the filter caps is going in my original circuit 70.It's the last thing to replace in the PS for this one. Is it ok to up the capacitance if using the original circuit?I see some people are using a quad cap with higher

The final sell off

Everything is for sale here, and while I am pricing everything. I honestly have no Idea what things are worth, so if anyone is interested in something, you can certainly make an offer. I will be bringing most to the fall round up.Impala SS center

Legion The Final Exorcism 2011.DVDrip

Legion The Final Exorcism 2QIVOSVL

Final exams

I have final exams next week for the first semester of this school year! I'm lucky I only have two this semester, one for english and one for history. does anyone have study tips?

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