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Open forum for spearfishing/spearing. Catering to California spearo's. Videos, reports, discussion, pictures, and questions welcome. Drama and lurkers are not.

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Jay Spearing- Most underrated English Youngster

Watching all 3 of England u-21 games, I can't help but think to myself, Jay is a significantly better player than 90% of the midfielders England have taken to Denmark. From his tackling, to passing range and awareness, beggers the belief. Guaranteed that

Spearing sold to Bolton

Transfer fee reported to be £3m, I hope he does well and helps get Bolton back up.

Jay Spearing off on loan to Wolves

........for this season according to my mate in the ECHO.(The actual ECHO office in Old Hall Street, Liverpool, not the phoney Oldham Messageboard overrun with 'Beers, Steers & Queers').

Jay Spearing

Just to say thought Jay was very good last night. Liked how he kept calling for the ball and moving into space to receive it. I've said in the past that he won't make the cut but from tonights performance I may (hopefully) be wrong


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