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International Luxemburgist Forum - Foro Luxemburguista Internacional

International luxemburgist forum for those in general agreement with the ideas of Rosa Luxemburg. Foro Luxemburguista Internacional para todos los que tienen un acuerdo general con las ideas de Rosa Luxemburgo. Forum Luxembourgiste International po

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Things that make you go, "Oh Crap!" As the Musketeer Turns....

Amazing stuff from our "Sheet Metal Maestro" Todd. These are photos from the innards of a very nice looking Beechcraft Musketeer that's going through a Pre-Buy Inspection in our shop. It may be a surprise to some folks, but airplane buyers can get

Beech King Air

Hi Guys, just started building two beech king air machines in 72nd scale. Not my style and not my scale but here goes. i want to present them to the air wing since we are building their hangar. the kits are total thrash and one hell of a job to get

1/8" balsa I-beam wing spars

I made these on a CNC router, but it can be done carefully using a std. router/table w/fence and a simple jig you can make. It's a 3-pc. spar, assembled w/thin CA. You will need (x2 pcs.) 1/8" x 1/2" balsa strips and (x1) 1/8" x 1/4" balsa strip; the

A few trees from the Carolina Bonsai Expo 2011

A select few trees from this year's Carolina Bonsai Expo: 1. American hornbeam - Carpinus caroliniana 2 Atlas cedar - Cedrus atlantica 3. Bald cypress - Taxodium distichum 4. Bald cypress 5. Bald cypress 6. Boxwood

MW's 5" Gauge Locomotive Announcement

Hi All 5" gauge locomotive builders, Sorry for the delay in announcing the new owner of the 5" gauge locomotive business i was waiting for the gentleman to give his permission for us to say something. Below is an email received from him last

ARC Spar Alpha-Ø2

Name: Spar Designation: Alpha-Ø2 Homeworld: Kamino Born: 32 BBY Died: Extrictarium Nebula Species: Human Clone Gender: Male Height: 1.83 metres Hair Colour: Black Eye Colour: Brown Skin Colour: Brown Spar, born Alpha-Ø2 and later known as

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