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A friendly and informative forum for rabbit owners and rescuers everywhere. Our overall aim is to improve the quality of life & care for all domestic rabbits.

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Swallowed a rabbit foot keychain

Evie is fine, thank God, but thought I'd share cuz it scared the heck outta me. I'm always on my son's case for leaving his things on the coffee table in the living room because my girl thinks anything she can reach is fair game to be devoured. I'm usuall

Rabbit Residence

I am new on here so apologies if this has been posted before. I did a search but couldn't find anything.The Rabbit Residence is a rabbit rescue near Royston in Hertfordshire that is run by Caroline. She works tirelessly to rescue and rehome rabbits

Rabbit Tobacco, who knew... James A. Duke in his U.S. Department of Agriculture database of edible and medicinal plants lists members of this family being: anti-hepatomic, anti-mutagenic, anti-tumor (lung), anti-tumor (ovary)

Rabbit Manure Question

I'm getting ready to place and fill my beds. One of the 5 composts I'm using is un-composted rabbit manure. I picked up two large bags full last week. I made a possible mistake of not sealing the bags. Today, there were flies and gnats flying in and aroun

Rabbit droppings

I am getting some rabbit mulch today. (Bedding and poo) From a lady here in town and she swears it can go directly on the garden... Do I need to compost it first? I will throw some in the worm bin too.

rabbit head tilt

Hi. One of our rabbits has developed a head tilt recently.We rushed him down to the vet who prescribed some antibiotics in case of an infection, and some panacur in case of e cunciculi. The good news is that he is still eating. We also asked another

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