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Zack Snyder praises SV

Putting this here since it's not really connected to the reboot. One wonders if we'll see this on the Younis page anytime soon...Zack Snyder to Fox All Access wrote:"I'll say one thing. I'll say, thank God for Smallville. Smallville by itself,

Zack Snyder Discusses Visual Style, Cavill's Workout Plan Snyder On Visual Style Of A "Realistic" Superman And Henry Cavill's Workout!The Sucker Punch director talks about how his unique filming style will be affected by his

Latino Review talks with Snyder

Doesnt really reveal much but something to talk about: Talking 'The Man of Steel' With Zack Snyder By Kellvin Chavez on March 21, 2011

Director Zack Snyder Reveals the Synopsis of the 300 Follow-Up, Xerxes Zack Snyder Reveals the Synopsis of the 300 Follow-Up, Xerxes Even though director Zack Snyder has said repeatedly that he

Weegee's murder photos

Shot dead: Weegee's murder photographs go on show – in picturesBetween 1935 and 1946, tabloid forerunner Weegee haunted the crime and fatality scenes of New York, capturing often disturbing images of the dead, of those gathered to watch, and of police

Zack Snyder talks '300' sequel plot

From Ace Showbiz Insisting that he is up for another '300' movie if Frank Miller comes up with a great idea, director Zack Snyder opens up about what he knows of the sequel's possible plot.Giving an update to possible "300" follow-up,

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