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Silver Snows Pack

Free forum : This is the pack from WolfQuest and this is our site.

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Feral Pride (Snow`s)

Name: Feral Pride Type Of Weapon: Longsword Primary/Secondary: Primary Elemental Alignment: Ice Ability/Function: Raises Magic Attack by 4 percent. Close/Long Range: Close Appearance: In the center of the hilt is a Frost Sapphire.The

The last reaping (hunger games fanfic)

I couldn't breathe. It was time. Time for the final Hunger Games Reaping. My name was in there. God only knows how many times. I looked up at Effie Trinket. I knew my name would be chosen. I was president Snow's granddaughter. It was only logical that I

Wolf of The White Snows- A Twilight Fanfic

Here's a fanfic for the team werewolf fans! It may be a bit Soap opera-ish in some places, and it will begin with a brush-over of Eclipse and Breaking Dawn, but most of it will take place about 100 years after Breaking Dawn ( It also ties into my other

Snow trench coat

Item Name: Snow Trench Coat Type: Clothing Appearance:Spoiler:  Backstory:i What it does: keeps the user protected from cold weather. When actively trying to hide in snow or tundra, the user remains hidden unless he moves in full eyesight of th

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