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Silver Snows Pack

Free forum : This is the pack from WolfQuest and this is our site.

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The last reaping (hunger games fanfic)

I couldn't breathe. It was time. Time for the final Hunger Games Reaping. My name was in there. God only knows how many times. I looked up at Effie Trinket. I knew my name would be chosen. I was president Snow's granddaughter. It was only logical that I

Wolf of The White Snows- A Twilight Fanfic

Here's a fanfic for the team werewolf fans! It may be a bit Soap opera-ish in some places, and it will begin with a brush-over of Eclipse and Breaking Dawn, but most of it will take place about 100 years after Breaking Dawn ( It also ties into my other

Snow trench coat

Item Name: Snow Trench Coat Type: Clothing Appearance:Spoiler:  Backstory:i What it does: keeps the user protected from cold weather. When actively trying to hide in snow or tundra, the user remains hidden unless he moves in full eyesight of th

Feral Pride (Snow`s)

Name: Feral Pride Type Of Weapon: Longsword Primary/Secondary: Primary Elemental Alignment: Ice Ability/Function: Raises Magic Attack by 4 percent. Close/Long Range: Close Appearance: In the center of the hilt is a Frost Sapphire.The

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