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Puppy snorting

Hello all - I am a new staffy owner and my girl Gucci is 11 weeks old she makes these snorting noises sometimes especially when she sleeps. The first night I brought her home I was really concerned that she had some type of breathing issue until I was re

Yawning sneezing and hiccuping Oh also whinning. and burping

My husky does all of these alot. I assume it is all normal for dogs.. Yawning bored or tired Sneezing (I think when he shreds he is bother by the fur. Hiccups I think he eats to fast and his digestion is effected causing the hiccups.

Does your Staffy snort like a pig?

I dont mean like when they are asleep and they snore, Dizzy does it all the time when she's awake, especially if she is p***ed at you for something ie if you tell her off or won't let her on the bed at night. It's like a propper piggy snort, like the kind

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