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Extrasolar Visions II :: Index

Extrasolar Planets. Extrasolar Visions II :: Index. Extrasolar Planets Extrasolar Planets Exoplanet

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Extrasolar Artwork

Hi I sent a message to the webmaster of EV to know how to use Artworks for my website. But on, he did not answer me. I come to see you to wonder the way to be followed. Regarding my website: My website is in French (link). The broadcastin

A brazilian extrasolar vision

Hey guys. Excuse my english grammar. I find this site a few minuts ago. I am a web master and an interested one in exoplanets. So, after thats years extrasolar vision don't have more updates, I decided to create my own extrasolar vision. I use so

A proposal about "Extrasolar Speculations"

If anything the speculations forum is a bit redundant, many subjects that come up there could go into planetology (mainly going by what went in there on EV1). Furthermore, the Planetology forum seems to be specifically about the planets themselves: the

Extrasolar planets: book announcements

Five great books on Extra-Solar planets: Extrasolar planets: the search for new worlds Stuart Clark (1998) NewWorlds in the Cosmos: the discovery of Exoplanets Michel Mayor and PierreYves Frei (2003) The New Worlds: extrasolar

Extrasolar Visions Rules

John Whatmough put it best when he wrote the rules. As this website is based off of his original website, it's logical to use the original rules. John Whatmough wrote:This forum is dedicated to scientific discussion and speculation about extrasolar

Tidal heating versus extrasolar moon habitability

I recall last month, a few news articles were published regarding how extreme tidal forces and heating would trigger runaway greenhouses and strip planets of whatever oceans they might have. One such article:

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