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Slender Man forum

This is a forum dedicated solely to Slender Man. Although there may be small talk of other paranormal beings/sightings, it is made especially for Slender Man and all of the mystery that sur

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SCP-610 Official Game

Official forum for the game based off of SCP-610

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The Fourth Day: Where blood is no thicker than water.

This site USED to be all about Jadusable's BEN Drowned ARG, but now it has evolved into simply a general purpose forum, mostly centered around The Legend of Zelda. As our motto implies, friendship is our biggest focus.

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Augustine: Despondent

The official Forum for Augustine: Despondent and other projects like Slender: Darkplaces and Zombie Shootout. Other projects and developers welcome!

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New Slender vlog?: Subtireom

I'm surprised no one's found this, even though it's quite new. It appears similar to other Slendy vlogs, but it looks promising. I think it's a Slenderman series because of the distortion and the second entry. We should see how this vlog goes, it could be

Slender Man Series list

Title explains it all. Have we ever tried making a list of Slender man Vlogs, ARG, and Blogs complete with descriptions? If now, we should get on that.

Using slender for a writers craft assingment. would like feedback from the slendy world.

ok so far I am doing two assingments for my WC course and I am using slender for it. the first one is a short story that has to be based on a pictureBrandon Darkly's sister moved out one day. all of her stuff was gone and her room was empty. three

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