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This is a forum dedicated solely to Slender Man. Although there may be small talk of other paranormal beings/sightings, it is made especially for Slender Man and all of the mystery that sur

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The Fourth Day: Where blood is no thicker than water.

This site USED to be all about Jadusable's BEN Drowned ARG, but now it has evolved into simply a general purpose forum, mostly centered around The Legend of Zelda. As our motto implies, friendship is our biggest focus.

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Augustine: Despondent

The official Forum for Augustine: Despondent and other projects like Slender: Darkplaces and Zombie Shootout. Other projects and developers welcome!

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The History of "The Slender Man".

The History of "The Slender Man"By: "Zander"Administrator of Slender NationOn June 10th, 2009, it was made. On a "Create Paranormal Images" contest thread taking place on the SomethingAwful forums, these two photographs with captions was what

Slender Man RP

So basically, this may just be a short one. You need to post your character's bio which goes like this:Name:Age:Gender:Personality:Skills:you can put in a history if you want. I need about...3 regular rpers to start with and someone to rp as

What runner would you pick to kill Slender Man

If you could pick a current running blogger to finish off Slender Man who would it be and why would you pick them?

Slender Man Reality

Honestly, I am a huge Slender Man fan. Just the idea of an entity such as it is mind blowing. If you think about it though, one possible origin of how it came to be was through just believing in it (The Tulpa Effect). It was created because we chose to

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