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Sharky's Skyfall Teaser Breakdown

I don't really go in for this type of fan bollocks, but I'll do it because most (Empire and Total Film, namely) haven't done a very good job at it. Possibly the final shot of the film. Bond staring out at the London skyline with the union jacks

Thomas Newman's Skyfall Score.

With Mendes coming on board, he brought along his own composer, Thomas Newman, famous of course for his own style of swelling, emotional scores. How do you feel he handled his Bond score? At times I thought it still sounded like Arnold's work, especially

Questions that Skyfall leaves lingering on your mind

Does Bond also have a hydrogen cyanide pill hidden in his back left molar? I must have missed it where it's mentioned how MI6 agent commit suicide if it's the only way out. PS In spot the heineken, I'm sure Tanner was downing one when Mallory came upon

Judi Dench and the 'F Bomb'?

How did you guys feel about the use of swear words in Skyfall? I don't have a real issue with swear words, I'm not that much of a prude, but it was a surprise to hear quite a few 's***ts, b****r and Judi Dench herself dropping the F bomb. Did it shock you

Amazing 'Skyfall' Christmas Gift

Happy new year, all! Replicating a recent thread from CBn. Thought I'd relay a nice anecdote from the holidays. My sister put together what I have to consider one of the coolest Christmas gifts of all time. Well, maybe not to the average person. But to

IMAX Boasts 26% More James Bond ‘Skyfall The IMAX blog today details the latest James Bond film Skyfall and its special formatting to show 1/4 more image throughout the entire pic. The 23rd installment of the 007 franchise opens one day early on November 8th

Skyfall: Adele confirms James Bond theme song

Quote:Adele has confirmed she has recorded the theme for the forthcoming James Bond film, Skyfall. She posted a picture of the song credits on her official Twitter page, and says recording the track was "one of the proudest moments of my

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