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Al's Place at Skid's Place!!

Might as well post mine here to. This was it earlier this year, just after a total revamp. Not near as tidy now of course!!

TJ Oil pan skid

Brand new, never used Teraflex oil pan skid SKU: 4668200 Website says it fits 97-02 4.0's or YJ/XJ with AX15 and 4.0.  Other people on forums say it fits newer years as well.  I can't confirm that but will bring it to the trail ride on the 29th and can

FS 20" chrome wheels

helo skid 20x9, 5-1/4 backspace, 5x5 a few nicks here and there. not show quality, but ok for a driver. posting as a feeler because i got a line on staggered 20/22 5 spokes. will sell with or without tires(255/35/20), the ones i had on the

MOC - Bobcat Skid Loader

Why has Lego made one of these eh ? So I did........ Why is it towns council's main colour is green ! Comments welcome and keep on bricking !

Skid Plate Recommendations

I've got an '04 Rubicon and am ready to start putting some skid plates on. i'm going to have to do it in sections due to $$. Any recommendations? I'm thinking i would start with the gas tank, oil pan, and either go with a diff glider or a steering box

JK Stubby Bumper, Skid Plate, Grill Guard

Hi Guys, I got a new ACE Engineering Stubby Bumper so my old bumper setup is available: details here: /t419-modifying-stock-jk-bumper#4295 VDP Stubby Bumper - $50 -- Selling the bumper with the VDP Stubby End Cap Kit already installed. Fog Lights

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