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sitting on my chair laughing

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Util Team

Util Team . Forum in care se discuta despre securitatea IT despre fenomenul care se numeste hacking despre cum sa eviti un atac informatic si cum sa faci fata unuia.

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Iced Coffee

I signed up for and today, received a sample of Dunkin' Donuts Coffee (in the mail). I don't drink hot coffee. I will drink iced coffee, though and I love iced coffee from Dunkin' Donuts. So, my friends, how do I make it? I like it with milk and

Chiari surgery on Private Practice episode last night. Cheryl did you see this episode?

Did anyone see last nights episode? Cheryl? It was a pregnant women who couldn't tolerate any touching and wanted to end her pregnancy at I think 5 months. She had pain everywhere. One of the docs overheard and ran a scan and gave the dx. She had the

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