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Simons GB Entry

Because I tend towards the capricious, my entry to the GB is in the following two parts.OneTrumpeter 8.8cm Pak43 with Revell/Zvezda L4500R Maultier half-track.TwoAFV Club 3"M5 on Carriage M1 with Skybow (now AFV Club) WC63 1 1/2 Ton

Shoestring classic bill simons 1968

Well I found out what the plane is and what and probley what its failures was the control linkage set up ...I have more than I wanted of this plane apart than I wanted to , but the transmission is fubar ed and will need to come out and be redone !!

Simone Singh And Ayub Khan Paired Together After 9 Yrs in Ek Haseena thi .

After playing Anand and Pia in hit drama Kasshish nine years ago, Ayub Khan and Simone Singh are back together again in the upcoming romantic thriller Ek Hasina Thi.Ayub and Simone will essay the roles of Raj Goenka and Sakshi Goenka respectively and

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