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hCG support group for the weight loss cure protocol.

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Does anyone get the most painful, hideous gas pain?

Do you get gas/ wind pain? Mine is in my chest, right up under my ribs, and it hurts to take a deep breathe in. Ive taken degas and have a heat pack on but I just feel so sick. This is the second night in a row. I havent been to the loo (bit

Pain wise what was more painful band or sleeve?

Hi guys Ive got a band atm and looking at changing to a sleeve because my bands not working and ive had issues with it the whole time. when i first got my band the only thing i found abit painful was the port area. second and third

Painful Tonsillitis

Hey guys. So my brother came down with tonsillitis last week. The doctor gave him a shot of god knows what, some vicodin & sent him home. He was fine until recently when the tonsillitis reoccured. What are some good supplements for him to take? He's

Itchy/Painful Anus

So I've been to the doctor for this many times.. and was treated with creams for fungus, bacteria, even took pills for worms.. and to no avail did I solve the problem. Basically its like this: there is a pain/itch on my anus... most prominent while walkin

OT: swollen and painful ankle

My mom has had a swollen and painful ankle for some weeks now and I'm wondering what I can suggest for her?

Painful Shoulder

I would very much appreciate some healing for pain relief to my right shoulder blade. Many thanks xxx

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