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The United Sovereign Nations of the World

The Official Site of the United Sovereign Nations of the World

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SimCity 2013 ingame Pictures Released So, in-game pictures have been released for SimCity. But if these graphics are final, would you like it or not?


So i'm not sure if this has been posted before or not but, it has happened to me where i get asked how to make certain items by people. So heres a list of a few things. if i'm missing anything feel free to add. # Item 1 // Item 2

SimCity 2013

I cannot wait to get this in March.

SimCity Hack Lets Users Destroy Anyone's Online City Thanks To Always-On DRM GG EA EDIT: Just to clarify, the hacker said that the files aren't synced back to the server, so the towns are perfectly fine. But, it's

SimCity 2013 strategy video series

Comes out March 5th btw. Can't wait.

How do you prepare for a hunt?

I'm a little curious about how more experienced players prep for battle. Being new at this, I tend to eat something before a battle, at the start of a quest, to boost my stamina to max. What other things do people do that are helpful? Are things like mega

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