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Holdback Green Pythons.

I held these animals back from a shipment as I read that sometimes the animals that are desaturated often turn out best. These red and yellow Biak specimens were very different to the rest of the shipment , much more washed out coloring. The other


Silhouettes can be fun to experiment to with, particularly with the right light and a strong shape against a bright background. I generally find the best time to be either dawn or dusk when there is insufficient light to detail the main subject but a stil

My new Scrub pythons (Morelia sp.)

Finally I got a pair of scrubs, They have been on my wish list for a few years now, sorry for the not so good pics Ill take them out this weekend and get better shots. Just wanted to share my happiness with some one (out in the woods down south no one

Bird Silhouettes

Sometime when photographing birds in our area, these serendipitous silhouettes come about. Photographing in to the sun was the cause of the first ones I took. Was a little disappointed as I thought I had blown my chance for some rainbow lorikeet images.

Care Sheet for Ball Pythons

Main Category: Snakes Species: Ball Python Sexing and Characteristics: Both sexes of ball pythons have cloacal spurs. The spurs of older adult male ball pythons are often worn, their tips blunt and rounded, and sometimes they appear

Cbb green tree pythons

I have 2 cbb green tree pythons available. 2010 1.0 Biak type x Aru type x Jade for $850 and 2011 0.0.1 high white Aru type x Aru type x Jade $750. No trades at this time shipping and CITES available.

New pickup: 1.1 Angolan Pythons!

A friend of mine found these at the Arizona show and picked them up for me. I've been scouting around for a good deal on a pair for a while, and I'm so stoked I got them! Thanks for looking!

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