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انجمن تخصصی واموزشی تیم گروپ

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UK to abstain on Palestinian State

Foreign Secretary William Hague says the UK is set to abstain in a key vote on whether the Palestinians should get upgraded diplomatic status at the UN.The UN General Assembly will decide whether to recognise the Palestinians as a "non-member

First Test

odds out today Aus $1.80Eng $4.00Draw - I didn't hear, usually around $3.5 There's money to be made, the difference in price is ridiculous

Kickasstorrents & Bitsnoop

are both being blocked through the Come In site.Are there any alternatives whereby they can be accessed?

Proxy Servers, Your Thoughts Wanted.

Over the last few weeks this site has been under constant, daily attack.These attacks have varied but have all been from people hiding behind Proxy Servers.The mod team always verify the email address of any poster who registers. However, lately

What's the best FREE proxy script ?

I've been thinking of buying or trying a proxy site, I've seen a few types of scripts out there like PHProxy, but which script is the best for a newbie to proxy sites and which is the least intensive in terms of server resources.If i should avoid free

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