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The Shotgun Crew

The best clan around come and join us

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MW2 M4 Masterkey shotgun attachment full pack

HERE<<< and my Grand WIP...Enjoy!!!<<<<<100% tested working IN THIS PACK CONTAIN- MODELS- p_mdl v_mdl w_mdl SOUNDS PREVIEW- credit -Leazq -Yuki kazuhiko(callsign:SNOW SNIPER) -Ku Bi -IW -ACTIVISION

A 2 Gage Shotgun!

Check out this awesome 2 GAGE ShotGun! We Need to get this mod on Bridge!

TACTIC: The Shotgun Shuffle

Well, this came about after the creation of a very.....significant special rule for, or course, the shotgun. The shotgun allows you to have 2 shots at a 12" range, but it allows you to roll a scatter die after wounding for random direction and a

Applying for shotgun because fws server as VIP [Accepted]

Applying for shotgun because fws server as vip. Hay to all fws guys.This is my first application for because shotgunserver. Here we go: Name: Max Keller IGN: OldIceTube Usgn Usgn: 103595 IceTube2101 USGN Name (Current): ID: . Alter: 15.

Are Shotgun Shells being put to good use?

Sometimes I wonder, if in the face of abundant levels of mana and bullets, we have enough non-low-end weapons that utilize shells. It seems like it's just the Railguns that do, and that's it. (I'm not even sure that it makes sense, since railguns use

Shotgun Battle!!

So ive played with both and against also!! Iam getting extremly annoyed by being killed with the SOS..... What happened to a good old gnasher battle?? I go in thinking here we go battle on, then BANG im done off one shot!!! A Noob's weapon??? or

Just tested the M14 ACOG and the Shotgun slugs in Onslaught.

M14 looks like it's now a premiere weapon, as well as it handles with the ACOG. Very excited to try it. As for shotgun slugs, the nerf basically doesn't do anything, really. It takes time for the crosshairs to narrow down to being perfectly accurate no

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