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Shogun TW 2

Brotherhood of Total War Friends

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Koga-ryu Ninjutsu Yashiki

Free forum : Shogun Kingdoms

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Shogun dying...

Shogun: My eyesight is failing, i stumble around, not knowing where i was or why it was so slippery. I had a deep gash along my stomach. I had blood dripping down my face, and I couldn't walk because my hind leg had another deep gash. I couldn't see, I

The death of Shogun

*dead* The horses carried my lifeless body into the buriel grounds, and I watched them do it kindly from up in horsey heaven.

Shogun 2 or Star Wars The Old Republic?

Anyone here (Granted I realize most of you I prolly dont know since being away so many new faces have joinned D: but stillll) play Total War: Shogun 2 or Star Wars the Old Republic? Ive been addicted to Shogun 2 but friend just gave me the Old Republic

Akuorinomori "The Sea Shogun"

Name: AkuorinomoriNickname: The Sea Shogun.Age:24Bounty: 10,000 beri's Species: Fish man ( Chosen form sword shark )occupation: Pirate,Captain,swordsman Allegiance: The Blue Phoenix PiratesHome land: The fish man island

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