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copper head gaskets

hi all just trying to find out some things, were can i get copper sheets from to make a gasket, and what do they use in the centre of a double copper gasket is it some kind of foam, also how is the gasket stuck to the foam, any help would be most

About Copper Oxide rectifiers

Didn't know this. Sounds better than the selenium type. I know they were used in older meter movements. Copper Oxide Rectifier With the use of the copper oxide rectifier in a recent receiver of the portable type, their popularity will possibly be

Brown vs. Copper

I've never had brown face paints, and it's finally time to get some! I'm doing a Thundercats party in a couple weeks, and I definitely need brown/copper to pull that off. So I was wondering... do you use brown face paint, or copper more often? Do I nee

Fried Weber copper cap

Hi Bob: I just had a problem with my ST-120 that needs your immediate advice before I go any further with troubleshooting. I was listening to it when I noticed that the rear left side KT-88 (Gold Lion) next to the Weber copper cap rectifier was glowing

FYI, Weber Copper rectifier & cold solder joints

I just wanted to pass on an interesting find with a problem I had with my ST-70 or so I thought. Recently my ST-70 developed a nasty hum/buzz, after it was warmed up. I built my ST-70 so naturally I thought I must have done something wrong. Today I

More Early 20th Century Copper

Another piece of vintage copper this one stamped with "Schubert" on the back a very shallow bowl 8" across 2" deep Very primitive, hand forged..I think. Another piece from the same lot of 5 pieces I found at the Goodwill i=50&u=17854708][/url]

Annealing copper wire

An electrician friend has given me miles of copper wire of different gauges and I want to anneal it, what is the best method to get an even result?. Alex

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