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Alien girl, Shiki

Alien Girl, Shiki Located in a far off galaxy, a large purple planet was seen miles away from the normal looking planets we would see in our own galaxy. Inside this light purple sphere, a large flying pod came shooting out like a comet as it rode acros

1/35 Hyaku shiki head by G systems

completed this G sys kit and pose with a bandai toy. Just completed same series 1/35 zeta gundam head and will take pixs and post soon too. Pardon my photography lousy skill

Senri Shiki

Status: Noble Vampire Height: 173cm Ηuman Age: 16 Special Ability: Blood transformed into a whips Relatives: Rido Kuran (Father), Kaname Kuran, Yuuki Cross Kuran (Cousins) Known Facts 1. His father is the pureblood Rido Kuran but his mother, a

Alien Girl,Shiki - chapter 5

The bear like monster approached Shiki and Makoto, showing off its deadly sharp teeth. Shiki knew it was one of Karin's pets. Makoto went in front of Shiki and told her to make a run for it but Shiki reluctantly intervened and walked past her. "Shiki

Shou Kishimoto

Name : Shou Kishimoto Nickname:Red Demon of Kasai,Black Murder,Crimson blade,Million Dragon Shou Gender : Male Age :23 Appearance : Personality :Shou is a cold person he doesn't seem to care for others to much and doesn't being like told what to

HYAKU SHIKI (Revised) - GBWC 2011

Hi guys, it's been a while! Here's the latest product of what I've been busy with these past coupla months. This will be my entry for the GBWC in S'pore. Not sure if I can win anything. But I'm satisfied with the work. Hope you guys like it. Here w

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