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Ultimate Shinobi: A Naruto RPG

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[Naruto Shippuden] Choji’s True Kindness – Ino-Shika-Cho face Asuma - 273

So we start the two episode special with Naruto Shippuden 273, we see a great deal of action as Kakuzu fights on, while Ino, Shikamaru and Choji all are faced with their sensei Asuma. They are forced to fight and stop their own teacher while Kabuto contro

Possible pairings without Naruto or Hinata

Just wanted to know which pairing would be/seem possible according to you without Naruto or Hinata. And why?I begin with SasuSaku. Please don't judge me but the way I see Sasuke behaving, I can't imagine Sakura following him blindly if he intends to

Ino-Shika-Cho Defeats Kinkaku – Asuma Appears – Naruto Shippuden 270

Naruto Shippuden 270 doesn’t disappoint as it’s fully packed with an amazing ending to a fight while another very interesting fight is just about to start. Kinkaku is approached by Ino, Shikamaru and Choji which defeats him using their legendary

Shirtless Naruto Males Appreciation Thread

Because the beauty of the male anatomy is something that needs to be discussed~HNNNNNNGGGG!!!!LAWDY BOY COULD GET IT!Feel free to post (and fawn over) pictures of any sexy shirtless Naruto male character

After chapter 647, is Shikamaru gone for good or can he still be saved?

As some of you might know after reading chapter 647, some of us felt like a dagger was plunged into our chests with what happened to Shikamaru in this chapter. Some believe that Karin or someone from the alliance can still save him while others believe h

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