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Myth Sanctum

Myth Sanctum Supernatural RPG A world of delusion and illusion, sorcery and insanity, enter Myth Sanctum and find your supernatural today! The world is just crawling with witches, werewolves, vampires

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Sorcerer's Magazine #2

Created By: Seijin, Moka, & Ī©mega

Lord Jamben Urthadar, the Sorcerer

"You'll know what true fear is when you discover it's the last thing you put your faith in." Jamben Urthadar ===IDENTITY=== Full Name: Jamben Szayel Urthadar Nickname(s): Jamben the Sorcerer; Sorcerer Urthadar; Lord Jamben; Lord Urthadar; Lord

Sorcerer Magazine Spring Edition [Spring 2012]

____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ ___

Human Sorcerer 32pt

Hey all, I'm building a Sorcerer. It's my first build, and I'm not certain how good it might be, and if I've misunderstood the class or just plain missed something important. Will you all review this and let me know comments and suggestions, please? All

Sorcerer's Magazine #1

Created By: Alye, Apollo, Seijin, Shuhei, and Soleice

Aron Staff Magic

Magic: Staff Magic Caster or Holder: Holder Description: Staff magic is a form of holder magic in which the user can control different elements and do a sort of number of things using the power of the staff, however the user is not a master of the

Sorcerer Magazine Christmas Edition [December 2011]

________________________________________________________________________________________ Luke the Second Seat I caught a word with 2nd seat of Magic Council Luke. Luke, the former Blue Pegasus S-rank mage, has now finally been appointed as Magic

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