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About response sheet

Dear Friends , I would like to know sending response sheet is compulsory or optional.I have cleared module - I in DEC 2010 exam and I have to appear module -II exam is in June 2011. since I have not submitted response sheet whether I can Enroll for

1 A.M Lesson Preparation Sheet : File 01

Teacher : Level : 1 AM File : 01 Sequence : 01 Lesson : 01 Function : Introduce him / herself Lgge form : To be in the present N . Lexis : hello , name , my , your , etc… V . aids : Pictures. Objective : Make the pupils introduce

Bid Data Sheet

Good evening! I just want to know what is the implication of the Note below? which i found in a bid data sheet comming from a procuring entity. Does it mean that the bidder shall submit the documents stated during submission of bid documents? or does it

Non Filing of Balance sheet along wtih annexures and attachments

NON FILING OF BALANCE SHEET ALONG WITH ANNEXURES AND ATTACHEMENTS There are frequent queries are coming in the forum for non filing of Balance Sheet and Annual Return with MCA. Non filing of Annual Accounts and Annual Return are continuing offence. Ther

Alec rap sheet and connection to the 3strikes laws

AMERICAN LEGISLATIVE EXCHANGE COUNCIL  RAP SHEET If you find our website useful, please consider sending us a contribution!!! PCI, 1114 Brandt Drive, Tallahassee FL 32308 ALEC "Publicopoly: ALEC and the bid to make private all that is

Signatories to balance sheet and P&L a/c

The boards report and the Bal sheet and P&L A/c to be signed by 1. Manager/Secretary and 2. two directors( one of whom shall be MD, if any) In case if any signatory is absent at the timeof signing, then a statement to that effect to be attached t

Response Sheet for Module 1 and 3 for professional Programme

Dear Friends.. Can u please provide me the response sheets for module 1 & 3 as i need to submit them by 31st August. Guys can u please guide as this is really urgent.

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