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Instant shed on simil-Zix?

i just started on a simil-Zix 3 days ago and it's been 3 days i've been finding a few hairs in my hands while shampooing... this is something that hasn't happened for months to me. i mean seeing hairs in my hands... :'( do you think this may be a good

Minox shed

I quit minoxidil (5%, once daily at night) back in mid Decemeber, just got fed up with the side effects and think its time to go natural.  As expected I am going through a shed, however it is rather different that I thought.  In addition to shedding up to

PLEASE HELP!!itchy scalp and massive shed

Hi I really need to understand this and have a solution. I started losing hair at the age of 17 after an emotional shock.It was abrupt and the shed was massive. and although it slowed down since then i am still shedding at 32. everytime i eat too much

Fish Oil Caused a Shed?

I started taking fish oil about 2 months ago and noticed a pretty big shed around the same time or thereafter. Also started using soy and whey protein shakes 2 or more times a week and stuff as well as amino acid complex. I know fish oil is supposed to

The Initial Shed

Every treatment that would increase hair quality (increased diameter of the hair shaft) in a short amount of time carries with it the consequence of the initial shedding. This is because, in order for the hair to become thicker, the follicle itself has to

Mild shed from Rejuveplex? Anyone else?

I've been using this for what, about two months now? I purchased on the release date. At first it basically ceased my hairloss. Minimal hair loss in the shower, combing hair, and even during topical application I would have no hair on my hands after

Shed or Screwed?

I've been using a self-wired OMG laser helmet -- to spec -- for two months now. Pretty much immediately, I started losing hairs -- 5-10 long hairs per day. I thought this might be one of the "sheds" people often talk about, but it has been two

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