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Mrs Pammi Pyarelal Written Update 23sep13 "Rahul and the shayari chor "

Rahul gets caught by the Faujdar family members when he was faking a call to kamini ... Gayatri thanks Manoranjan baba for the blessings in her life .....Rahul exposes Rangeels's fraud .. He was learning all the cheap shayari from one pocket. Book

Written Update Madhubala 30 Apr13 "Tumhaari Har Saans Pey Haq hai Meraa

The episode starts with..... Madhu and RK in each others arms ...She cups his face ....and says " Dil haar chukey ho ..... Meraa dil jeet liya hai tumney ".. And caresses his cheek ..He tells her to come with him and they reach the terrace ....and h

New promo of Qubool Hai aired 23Jul13

New Promo AiredWritten update ....Tanveer tells Zoya that " bari kismat wali ho ki namaaz padhte hue maut ayegi"Zoya is doing namaaz & Tanveer spreads oil & is about to burn Zoya with candle when Asad comes and holds her hand & says "toh ye ha


RENU BAN GAYI KABBAB MEIN HADDITanu and Aarti were playing with a ball at home due to utter boredom. Renu was really irritated at the site because she wanted her son to be independent. Renu wanted Tanu to work and not spend his time at home with Aarti

Qubool Hai Written Update 12Dec13 "Zoya teams up with Haider"

The episode begins with .... Razia reading ayaan's letter with Shireen .. Informing his ammi that he was in London .. And would return after becoming  something in life ....Shireen sheds tears as she misses her son ....She shares her fears about her son

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