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HELLS SPAWN guild of Shaiya

HELLS SPAWN guild of Shaiya - Union of Fury - Lailah server

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A dead body is found in a barn in North Shadowdale

When the Zhents or Banites check the barn in Northern Shadowdale, they find the dead body of a male Half-Elf.On him are weapons, very little gold and registration papers for Tarlyn.((OOC: I perma killed Tarlyn because every time I tried to do

[ER]Snake in the Mountains[ST]

Request name: Snake in the MountainsRequest rank: SClient name: Rick RossObjective: Bring down the Purple CobrasLocation: EraReward: 50,000J and 2500xpRequest description: Rick Ross is a successful trader who transports some of the finest

The Guildhall

Eclipse Soul's Guildhall(click on the pictures to view them completely, press ESC to exit full view)Karakuri CityThe Castle is located in Karakuri. A valley city in the Phoenix Mountains. It is inhabited by disciplined warriors and peacful

Adventure of the self: The Mountains

Time: 10:00 AMDate: August 17Around her the trees began to disappear, as did most of the other types of vegetation, the vibrant greens of life fading away to grey. Stone grey. The mountains stood above the forest, watching everything silently with

The Mountains Ablaze, Phoenix Fire (Kyll, Kiba, Katherine, Zeno)

Phoenix FireJob Description:Job Title: Phoenix FireRank: 100YRPlayer Requirements: One Wizard Saint, One Ace, One Harbinger, One Guildmaster, or two S-Ranked Wizards or more. May only be completed ONCE by any said character. Anyone who i

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