shaiya mountains

Blue Ridge Pack

This pack lives in the rocky mountains, they are strong and powerful wolves, but when hunters come into the mountains, will they survive? Join now!

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Free forum : The Wolves of Power

Free forum : This pack is located in a hidden forest that is surrounded by a thick mist and a ridge of mountains. Humans rarely come in there. We are accepting any one, from winged wolves, power wolves, regular wolves, and even different types of ani

free, forum, wolves, power, pack, located, realm, powers, accepting, anyone

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A dead body is found in a barn in North Shadowdale

When the Zhents or Banites check the barn in Northern Shadowdale, they find the dead body of a male Half-Elf.On him are weapons, very little gold and registration papers for Tarlyn.((OOC: I perma killed Tarlyn because every time I tried to do

Adventure of the self: The Mountains

Time: 10:00 AMDate: August 17Around her the trees began to disappear, as did most of the other types of vegetation, the vibrant greens of life fading away to grey. Stone grey. The mountains stood above the forest, watching everything silently with

The Guildhall

Eclipse Soul's Guildhall(click on the pictures to view them completely, press ESC to exit full view)Karakuri CityThe Castle is located in Karakuri. A valley city in the Phoenix Mountains. It is inhabited by disciplined warriors and peacful

A hammer in the mountains(pm to join)

"You ever been to Clover? GREAT TOWN, Clover! I live there probably!"That may not have actually been what the wagons owner was saying, Sai had honestly stopped listening some time ago. The older mans rambling had definitely been along those lines,

The Highways

THE HIGHWAYSThe highways connect to nearly every place in the breach, including the ocean, mountains and other places, of course. It's quite large and is used as the most common road of the breach, as the backroads tend to contain strange and

Azural The Life Binder

Full Character Name===IDENTITY===Full Name: Azural LifertumCodename: The Life BinderNickname(s): The WhiteAlias(es): N/AAge: As old as Time ItselfBirth date: Beginning of allClassification:DietyAffiliation: Lawful

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