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SGDE Tournament

Settlers single game double elimination tournament.

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Free forum : DG games

Free forum : prototype forum

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Free forum : Casual PS3 RB players

Free forum : Umm at the moment a prototype site hopefully all works out itll be used until further notice its under construction.

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Graman k-prototype

k-prototype,K is kajiki.Is that right. I wanna know what's kajiki mean

There is a Dodge on the "Prototype This" Discovery Channel

I saw this quite a bit in quick shots and in the background. I'm not sure since it was the first time I have seen the show but it seems like it belongs to one of the team. As you can see it aint perfect but good enough for the tube. Maybe someone should

Why is a Diamana Prototype named the Stinger

The pics are attached for your reference....... maybe there is a prize for guessing right.... DGman

Callaway X-Prototypes Iron Review

Hi guys , i just want to know if anyone of you use or owned the callaway x-prototypes , how is the feeling . is it harder to use compare to other blade ... i'm owning the MB 710 titleist cheers guys thanks for the information

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