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Trentham Lakes Match Fishing Club

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Tactics for lakes/ canals

A brief intro, i'm used to fishing the coast with small plugs for bass and pollack. Since i live in Birmingham this limits my opportunities to a couple of times a year. An old boy in the pub suggested i tried pike fishing to get my lure fix. So here

5 natural lakes on Oahu

Here is one for you guys. I read on some website a while back that there were at one time 5 natural lakes on this island. You guys know anything about it? History, Location, Still have water,anything? I searched around a little but didn't find much

Great Lakes Dragway Schedule April Apr 1 Thur Closed Apr 2 Fri Fun Racing RACE FOR FREE 5-9pm Apr 3 Sat Fun Racing RACE FOR FREE 10-9pm Apr 4 Sun Closed for Easter Apr 6 Tues Street Tires Only Fun Racing

Great Lakes Motorsports: News and Notes

Well, decided to repost this with silly season updates for 2012. 2011 Drivers/Stats: Elite Series: 1)#35-Ryan Griffin Best Finish: 3rd (Alberta) 2)#38-Jarkko Forsström Best Finish: 3rd (Albuquerque) Thunder Trucks: 1)#32-David More Best

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