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Peridot Clan Forums

A place where you can train your apprentice, take Med/Deputy tests, and post alerts.

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Free forum : Youtube Chat

Free forum : here to test out and import my skins

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Houdini 2 tests

[img][/img][img][/img]no books , no bases games


Stupid question, but how do you deal with math tests?? Like, what do you do so you're not too stressed? Whenever I have a math test or quiz I get sooo freaked out! I had half the test today and was SO scared! And tomorrow I have the other half of the math

STS Tests!

Hi all!I decided to make some differents tests, using the strategic test suite of Swaminathan and Dann Corbit. These are the first results!Houdini 1_CPUSTS 1 - 93/100STS 2 - 90/100STS 3 - 86/100STS 4 - 81/100STS 5 - 90/100STS 6 -

How many grounding tests?

I've had a look through the FAQs, but can't find anything to either confirm or deny my thoughts on this. I'm fairly sure my interpretation is correct, and I think I've got it wrong previously.When a unit embarked on a transport fires at a swooping

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