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Former Ireland and Ulster International David Tweed convicted of sexual offences against children

Controversial former Ireland and Ulster Rugby player and Unionist Politician convicted of child sex offences. person-david-tweed-will-be-expelled-16245865.html David Tweed

Seven convicted of Dutch linesman's manslaughter

A Dutch court has convicted six young footballers and one player's father of the manslaughter of a volunteer linesman who was attacked after a youth match in December. Judges in Lelystad sentenced the 50-year-old father, identified only as El-Hasan D,

Mancini sentenced to 2 yrs and 8 months in prison

Amantino Mancini has been sentenced to two years and eight months in jail after being found guilty of sexual assault by an Italian court, according to ANSA. The Atletico Mineiro winger carried out the assault on the young Brazilian woman at his

Sonnen convicted on money Laundering?

Have to give the MMA media credit for totally ignoring this story. Chael Sonnen pleads guilty to money laundering Chael Sonnen, an ultimate fighting champion and one-time candidate

Councillor convicted for Harney Assault She had some cheek to refuse to pay to Ms Harney's chosen charity, and then to refuse to do community service? The judge should have charged her with contempt if she refused to do the community service or

As I Lay Dying- Murder Plot?

So Thanks to Epic, I read online that the lead singer for As I Lay Dying, Tim Lebasis is in jail for allegedly hiring a hitman to kill his wife. Epic and I wanted to follow this case and see what happens. So I made this thread.

Convicted footballers

Anymore still playing who have served time? Barton? ............................................................. BELGIUM have defended their decision to put a convicted rapist in their squad for Tuesday’s game with Scotland. Striker Ilombe

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