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A gaming community where in you can choose to stay or play selected servers hosted by our community with the help of it\'s members/players.

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A selected topics bar like the one of recent topics

Hi, i would like to know if it is possible ( by writing a code in the css perhaps ) to add a bar to my forum (like the existing recent topics bar) in which i i could add the topics that i want in order to make easier for the users to see them. Is

No Automatic Pruning on Selected Threads

So to explain what I'm talking about... I have auto pruning turned on on all my boards and on the board I have my Rules on but it's locked so no one can post I also have other posts on that board as well (Introductions) but it keeps deleting my rules

Iteration with xpath to an select

Hi, I'm trying to make selenium test for an dynamic created content (different element counts and ID's). With the test I want to find first SELECT that has not chosen value yet ("Please select") and hist ID contains

Private forums, everyone can post, only admin / selected vie

Hi, i am suggesting we can have private forums, e.g everyone can post in them but only selected people / groups can view them so say you were running a competition people could post there but onlt the competition staff could view their entries i

ajax dropdown selection and changing the text of label in IE7

I am using selenium rc with ie7. my application is having ajax drop down list when an item in a dropdown is selected, the text of a label on the page changes to the same text of selection in the dropdown. But when the item is selected, the text of a

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