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3D Printing

I have been looking at 3D printers for some time and they always seemed to be very expensive. Especially "shop bought" or pre assembled jobs. Why? There are quite a few custom parts that can be made - servo holders, bell cranks, engine mounts

Off to the Car Boot Sale :)

Well the weather here in the UK is finally starting to improve (its dry) and its car boot sale season again! So im off to see if i can sniff out something decent Wish me luck! Jay

Dimension IV Wiring diagrams and User manual ??? And bridge questions

Hey guys. I am new to the forum because I am the very happy owner of a new (to me) Dimension IV. I am going through the initial sorting and I have some issues with wiring and the bridge. Questions - 1. Where can I get some info on what the


Egypt closes pyramid to avoid 11/11/11 rituals By Patrick Baz Egyptian police officers guard the Pyramid Khafre in Giza, on the outskirts of Cairo in 2010. Egypt will close the Great Pyramid of Giza on Friday to avoid any rituals by a group rumoured

North east UK boot sales

Just wondered if anyone knows of more boot sales in the north east Both of these on a sunday Batleys near chester le street is my usual one but its getting to the point where there are lots of undesirables there, plus its mostly tat Darlington

June/July POTM Competition....

Here we go again............. Same rules apply everybody...... 2 pic's per entry you must include 1 bristlenose pic this month and 1 of any random plec or 2 bristlenose pics, your choice.... Good Luck Everybody and dont be shy any pic will be

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