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MUIN 443 - Film Scoring Budget Project

This is a place I created for us to share information relevant to our film scoring budget project. I. E. Helpful websites, specific rates, etc.

#muin, #film, #scoring, #budget, #project, #this, #place, #created, #share, #information, #relevant, #helpful, #websites, #specific, #rates

Pudge Wars Advanced

Pudge Wars Advanced is a mini-game for Warcraft 3 where two teams of up to six players aim to achieve victory by scoring a certain amount of enemy kills or winning a certain amount of rounds first. The map is based on the Butcher character from DotA,

#pudge, #wars, #advanced, #mini-game, #warcraft, #where, #teams, #players, #achieve, #victory, #scoring, #certain, #amount, #enemy, #kills, #winning, #rounds

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Playoff Wildcard Round Predictions

The best time of the year is upon us....THE NFL Playoffs. Now it is time to pick against the spread and to pick the point totals. First I will give you the matchups and the spread and then explain them. Saturday Jan 7 Cincinnati at Houston (-3)

Gunz The Duel

Okay guys. Here is an awesome online shooting game for you. About: GunZ: The Duel also known simply as GunZ, is an online third-person shooting game, created by South Korean-based MAIET Entertainment. The international version, in its beta, is

Congratulations Team Chhanchhan for scoring a 50!

Happiness, celebrations and wishes rains on the entire cast and crew of Optymistix's Chhanchhan, as the show is going to complete its journey of 50 episodes tonight. The entire cast and crew is elated to celebrate the moment of joy. TellyBuzz spoke to

Alexandre Desplat's Score

I thought I'd start a little discussion on Alexandre Desplat's score...I thought he did a fantastic job on all of the music. I've heard some complaints about there not being many of the old HP themes but I didn't mind that very much. It does appear in


Can anyone on here supply me or this forum with stats on Dai Webley, apperances and goals etc.. Cheers

Euphemismator - "It feels great when she's scoring with Woody Allen" "With a crowd of observers forming, the couple were rolling in the hay with the Polish sausage." "If Michael Jordan gives you a cigar, then you know you'll be lurking in the Mighty Mouse." "Her

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