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The Satanic Forum

A forum for the Satanists of today to communicate, without the interruption of christians, jews, and anyone else of which has no purpose amongst us.

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The History Of Satanism

The group, has written an article, called the 'History of Satanism'. Let me say at first, that the article itself has no references or source material with it, so I have to approach their writing largely as a matter of opinion instead o

Satans latest tricks and what satanist pray for daily

Today I received an email from Bishop Carlucci that states the following. I thought it was worth sharing with you all. Go Goddess Game.. This is a slick way into getting you to cast spells and summon demons and in the mean time think that you are

Luciferianism, Satanism and Demonolatry

Although I'm not a follower of any of those systems, I'm well versed in the workings and philosophies behind Luciferianism and Satanism. I understand that many Asetianists have been through these systems before reaching the Asetian tradition and that

Satanism And The After Life

he belief in the afterlife is a learned belief. it is something that is a part of many cultures. the Hebrews believed that after death the soul would go to a place called 'Sheol' (the grave). I don't recall them believing in hell or eternal

Myths and Realities in Satanism

MYTH: All Satanists worship the devil. REALITY: Satanism is diverse and there are many different viewpoints and ideas in satanism. We can see this by understanding the christian idea of satanism first, and that usually involves the belief that all

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