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Green Hills Trail Association

The Green Hills Trail Association is located in Chillicothe, the heart of the Green Hills area of northwest Missouri. We have members from all walks of life who share a common interest in

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A1 siêu nhân vô đối

Mãi là bạn a1 nhé:x Khoảnk khắc a1 chúg mjk bên nhau là nhữg điều quý giá

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Indoor SQ show...DBL point...Conway AR heard it right...indoors!!!!!!! July 9th (Saturday). Conway Expo Center. I can email the flier to anyone interested. Its dbl point USAC and IASCA! Parking is limited! Also posted in upcoming events.

I used to love SQ.... What a shame/

After the problems this year with SQ and SQ judges, the huge (unacknowledged and un appreciated) effort put out only to be punched in the gut and called names for the effort, I am seriously thinking next year USACI SQ will undergo a major change or go awa

Jae Crowder (Dal- SF)- Buyout

If my trade with Michigan is approved, I would like to use the buyout on Crowder and pay everything upfront. However with the pay periods I am confused on how it works, is it:$1.5/$1.5/$1.5/$0.5= $5m upfrontOR$0.75/$1.5/$1.5/$0.5= $4.25m


Well I sure hope that after the Rules Meeting and getting the final details lined out on the new class changes.....that it will actually happen. Hopefully, very soon. The few of us SQ folks that did take the time to show up and discuss the BEST THING FOR

Is Boyd Crowder the best TV villain ever?

If not, where does he rank?Where does he rank among all villains, including films? Must still be pretty high.


Big thanks to the Goudy's, Mike Darville, and Joel...great judging staff. Well run show.I know SQ ended up with somewhere around 45 entries...super cool...way more than I predicted.This was my 15th year with USAC and proud to be a part of USACs 25th

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