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OZFM - Home of Australian Forza 5 online racing

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OZFM Car Club and Affiliates

OZFM Car Club and Affiliates OZFM is a forum created to make a community for like-minded Forza players from Australia and New Zealand - Whilst we encourage our members to join the "OZFM Car Club" in Forza 4, we do not limit our members to it due to the

User Created Sessions - Hosted By OZFM

As some of you know i occasionally set up a room for some 'Public' races, usually A or B class but here are a few others that are quite fun. Just got to race online and have a look in user created sessions - circuit race - and then the title. (in

Rules on Posting Non - OZFM Competitions

OZFM Admin will make up some stuff here soon.

OZFM V8 - Series 9 - Qualifying - 25/02/14 - Laguna Seca

Qualifying will start at 9pm  AEDT - (TAS, VIC, NSW). It will consist of 3x 20 min sessions. Each drivers fastest lap time on the night will be used to determine the room they qualify in for the series. Drivers are encouraged to run in all 3 sessions


Happy birthday to us, Happy birthday to us OZFM turns 2 today! RU

New to OZFM - Saying hi

Hey guys and gals, I have been looking for an Aussie / NZ club for a couple weeks now... finally found you guys! anyway, a little bit about myself: New to OZFM but not to Forza, been playing since FM1, loving the new forza 4; better than ever! I'm

OZFM Club Members!

Hey guys, Just a heads up for all of our OZFM car club members: The new Private racing lobbies has this rather awesome option of "INVITE CLUB MEMBERS" - this will send a Invite to the game to every OZFM club member that is online. Its

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